The band creation was started in Summer of 2004, at the time three friends (Mozhaev Artem, Myakishev Aleksei,Kulagin Dmitriy (R.I.P.))
had decided to set up a band. Had found most insignificant instruments, they started everyday hard work on material. Incidentally
they called the band “TRIGGER” – this word, of cause, has more than one meaning, but they made an accent on trigger as a gun part!
Original genre of their music can be determined as alternative, and during the first three month they made four compositions of this genre.

But the band longed for much more heavy sound…Death, In Flames, Children Of Bodom, Vader, Obituary, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel –
this is the short list of bands, that guys used to listen while started out with their own musical activity.

The grave impulse to create a really heavy music was a death of a band’s member (Dmitriy Kulagin, 02.13.05 R.I.P). The first
demo-records of compositions, which by spirit resembled early Morbid Angel, were started. During the 2005-2007 there had been recorded
a lot of “Broad Church” compositions, thoroughly worked up a new interesting material, and all that appeared in public only
in Summer of 2008. Trigger went forward at a steady gait, except of varied gigs band worked on next album. From this on,
the band have been having a lot of gigs both local and in another cities.

During the 2010-2011 years, band had many concerts and participated many fests, for example, Trigger participated in the one of the most significant and well-known Ukrainian fests METAL HEAD’S MISSION, where the band shared the stage with SINISTER ,VOMITORY, KATAKLUSM, Sworn Amongst, Naumahia, Septory, Rigorism, Barbarity, Black Art, Alvirius, Buiside, Balfor, Tommy Doze, Thelema, Stalino, Slaugher Brute, Prophet Defroster, Play The Piano, Mass Massacre, Inherent Scream, Infatuation Of Death, Hell:on, Ezophagothomia, Azhirock, EndName ,Dis Tortion, Thy Desease, Degradant, Abadden, Withered Within, My Another Side, Kriogenum, Infernal Cry, Dimicandum, Ceremonial Perfection, Azathoth, Agruss, Acephala, Maleficis, I Curse The Day, At The Otherside, Forever Wasted, Zoebeast, Under The Scythe, Extermination Dismemberment, 0,5,Dehydrated and others.

TRIGGER members are:
Mozhaev Artem - Guitars
Malahov Vladimir - Drums
Suhanov Alexandr (Satan) - Guitars
Ulyana - Bass
Ramin Dragar - Voice

And to this very day there is no changes in a membership!